Bonus Free Your Mind Show Number 1, April 09, 2015

Deanna Spingola is joined tonight by Dennis Wise from:

This is the first of 2 Shows with Dennis, Creator of the Amazing 6 Hour Documentary..


To Download:


6 thoughts on “Bonus Free Your Mind Show Number 1, April 09, 2015

  1. Oh please! Spare us the Nazi fairytales?
    Hitler was a fabricated stooge of the Swiss.
    The Templar Nazis of Switzerland Financed Adolf Hitler and WW 2 in 1923

    The Nazi Templars

    The Nazi’s came to the US to work in Intel,and NASA.
    Look around.
    Sorry…Hitler Kool Aid is full of Aspartame.

  2. PS Hitler was the Greatest Theosophist ever!
    Hitler was not nice no matter how much PR Spignola tries to sell you.
    Welcome to the Global Watch Weekly Report
    Contance Cumbey in her book “The Hidden Dangers of
    the Rainbow” summarized Hitler’s path to being
    Germany’s messianic figure:
    “While still a very young child, Hitler was initiat
    ed into the finer mysteries of the occult. He atten
    ded a Benedictin
    monastery school near his German home. “The occult
    interests Hitler gained in this school, stayed with
    him all of
    his adult life and helped to shape his future spiri
    tual philosophy…..While Hitler was in Vienna pursui
    ng a career as
    an archi-tect and artist, he spent his spare time i
    n occult bookstores and libraries, acquainting hims
    elf with the
    mysteries of metaphysical lore and gaining the acqu
    aintance of adepts in both “white” and “black” magi
    Transcendent states of consciousness and mind expan
    sion fascinated him and he devoted every spare cent
    minute to the pursuit of higher consciousness. Yoga
    , astrology, Eastern and Western “paths” to this go
    al proved too
    slow for his ambitions and like many impetuous New
    Agers of today, he decided to accelerate the proces
    s by
    supplementing meditation with drugs [Mescaline] ( p
    .101”the Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow”)
    Hitler and his close associates Himmler and Goebbel
    s were Catholic in their background before they
    indulged themselves into a new spiritual worldview.
    Occult books were Hitler’s favorite reading. It wa
    s in
    the early 1920’s Dietrich Eckart introduced Hitler
    to “The Secret Doctrine,” by Helena Blavatsky. He w
    taught its secrets by Professor-General Karl Hausho
    fer (Suster), who was a member of the Berlin Lodge
    of the Vril Society. One of the primary qualificati
    ons for one to be admitted to the Vril Society was
    to have
    a minimum ability in Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine.”
    Karl Haushofer was alleged to be a master of the
    secret doctrines espoused by Blavatsky, and it was
    he who initiated prisoner Adolf Hitler at Landsberg

    1. Maybe Hitler was a GOOD guy afterall?
      Yea….allrighty then!
      Get behind the Hitler character who was as real as Osama Bin Laden,the Obamba guy,and all the other made up enemies for the public to believe in.
      Maybe we should give nazi’s the credit they deserve because they did such a good job at NASA and the CIA.

  3. All I’m saying Reeda is, I have a policy… I listen to everyone.. (even, especially the things that I think are bunk) .. then I look at their sources.. if I can’t disprove them.. I have to re-evaluate what I believed before! Just give the Movie one viewing.. (Even if you already don’t believe it!) I don’t agree with all of the Movie, but there is enough in it to make me question everything I was told in School. Exhibit A: Here in Canada being part of the British Empire.. We are taught in Canadian Schools that the Dutch Invented Concentration Camps! Yet the Mirror Image is True.. the British put the Dutch in a Concentration Camp in the Boer War. If I only read, watched, or listened to things I already believe, it would be very Sad!

    1. I have been at this for a very long time.
      Well before 9-11.
      We got the Nazi’s here.
      It’s paradise isn’t it?
      We got Von Braun and all their occultist newagers in top level
      high security positions.
      Von Braun,and Heinz Haber (double duty)at Disney and the dity multigenerational demoralization along with their filthy subliminals . They (note I don’t say “we”) also went on to run the CIA and the torture with the School of the Americas.
      60,000 of “Hitlers”torturers went to South America along with Klaus Barbie,and General Gehlen running the CIA and the “Merchants of Death” Gang created your Latin American Drug War to get the show rolling for the militarization of the police,and the Private Prison Industrial Complex(which NYC activists gave me the credit for uncovering)….well before 9-11 when most of the “truthers”still hadn’t fallen off their turnip truck.
      The US took in 100,000 in science and academics.
      The 60k madmen went to Latin America.
      The scientists and industrialists the US took in created the WACL.
      They put the actor dum dum Reagan in along with their WACL nutjobs like Limbaugh to make America think Reagan was a god.
      Reagan the Disney dum dum Alzheimers contribution to the US was to get the nazi Bush’s in the White House.They want to run a 3rd Bush and have hopes of a 4th.
      Ever hear of the WACL?
      This movie first came out on Rense.
      It’s PROPAGANDA.
      You MAY wish to have your ears tickled by nazi Spignola and who made this PROPAGANDA (hoping ppl will be like dogs going back to their old vomit and see how it tastes again),and YOU may wish to look at everything ….maybe because you haven’t been researching for years and years.
      Yuo think I’m just being bigoted? I could tell you lots more.
      (But as a dialectic you might say it’s just my “opinion” and I should listen to Spignola who will deny Hitler escaped,which most Europeans KNOW he escaped)
      We have all his henchmen here making your life a heaven on earth!
      But Spignola will tell you he didn’t escape.
      Our Soldiers went to South America and partied with these nazis because now the war was over!
      Here’s a clue….
      After visiting these places, you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.

      After visiting such Nazi strongholds as were found in Berchtesgaden and Kehlsteinhaus; Personal diary (1 August 1945); published in Prelude to Leadership (1995)
      John F Kennedy – the nazi NASA PUSHER
      The man who wanted TOTAL DISARMAMENT (total means total) Only nine months into his administration – on September 25, 1961, to be precise – Mr. Kennedy travelled to UN headquarters in New York to present a proposal entitled Freedom From War: The United States Program For General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. The work of the Rusk-led State Department, with the willing acquiescence of the McNamara-led Defense Department, the proposal was published as “Department of State Publication 7277.”

      In his remarks before the UN, President Kennedy asked for a commitment from all nations “not to an arms race, but to a peace race – to advance together step by step, stage by stage, until general and complete disarmament has been achieved.” He did not get any such commitment, yet the United States embarked on the Kennedy-launched program.

      Freedom From War (or “7277,” as it is frequently called) proposes three stages of disarmament ending with the transfer of the armed forces of our nation to the United Nations. As Senator Joseph Clark of Pennsylvania approvingly reminded his colleagues in a Senate speech on March 1, 1962, this program is “the fixed, determined and approved policy of the government of the United States.”
      Globalist Plan to Disarm America:
      PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act /
      State Department Publication No.727
      The Kennedy Character told you the score …
      Now they are testing the waters to see if folks will go back to the old dog vomit and taste test it again.
      You can have an open mind and taste it up!
      It worked back then! It can work again.
      The JFK character telegraphed the message.
      Hitler was fake.Obamba is fake…it’s not his name.Osamba Bin Lamen noodles is fake.
      You think they weren’t jerkin ppls chickens back then?
      The pedo’s at the BBC like to tell their story and you can see
      they are ruthless. They even tell you they are.They are very intertwined in the “truther”movement.They LOVE protesters.
      They have been infiltrating since the last century and have LOTS of practice with clueless tards who just want their Free Dumb.(The IRA has been a great proving ground)
      The British are not now nor have ever been the US’s allies and their family is the German Saxe Coburgs where Edward VIII went to side with Deanna’s nazi’s It was Edwards idea to bobmb Britians cities,he hoped for “revolution” and the nazi’s as they called the globalist Swiss and their Templar pals then were going to re-install Edward VIII as nazi king.It was a SHOW.Eugenics was not going as well as they hoped.
      It solved a lot of problems for them.
      All of this started around the turn of the Century.
      BBC Documentary 2015 Secrets Of Her Majesty’s Secret Service Full Best Documentary

      You’re dealing with expert snakes.
      Study them.
      Even this is half full of BS but there are truths in it.
      Face to Face with Annie Machon

      The CIA’s Worst Kept Secret
      [Gehlen Org]
      Background information on McCain, the United States Council for World Freedom, and the World Anti-Communist League
      WACL = Nazi’s.
      Maybe ignorance is not knowing anything and encouraging others who know the difference to erase their years of research!
      Either way ? Thanks for the opportunity to address this silly Hitler dehydrated dog vomit.
      Some things LOOKED good.Otherwise the Swiss couldn’t have got the the brightests and best Germans to dress up in Hugo Boss designer costumes goosetepping to their death so all the war loot could end up in Swiss Banks to finance heaven on earth.It’s still propaganda.
      Propaganda looks good.It’s supposed to!

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