Clint’s Presentation from the Free Your Mind Conference!

Here is Clint’s Presentation from the Free Your Mind III Conference Today!

Clint thought he would have more time for the Presentation, but the whole Saturday Performance was running late.. with no further adieu:

To Download:


8 thoughts on “Clint’s Presentation from the Free Your Mind Conference!

  1. Lenon Honor (great information on family and outside world negative influences on it ) was speaker before Clint who took about good 20 mins over his time hence, they rushed Clint to finish his talk. Clint needs more time and perhaps another venue to speak at. 😉

  2. Aside from Clint and Jenice – I felt like I was at a High School Pep Rally! Sources were Scarcer than Republicans! I did meet some Amazing People on the Satanic Philly Tour! Monday was the best part of the whole weekend!

    1. Dang, too bad I had to go back to NJ on Sunday, otherwise I would love to spend more time with Clint and company 😉 I too met “few good men” and I have to agree with you carter on that pep rally. I can only imagine how may “free” egos were crushed in that hour when Clint opened his mouth and words were coming out.

  3. Clint is the only one that is pointing out an actual SOLUTION to any of this. Drew once again thank you I feel blessed to Marika thanks again for dinner.

    1. It was my pleasure guys! I’m really glad we all bumped to one another. Blessed would be the appropriate word. Now I have to dig into an etymology of it to find out that it means actually what we think it means lol. My guess it has to do with Christ’s blood, he shed his blood for us to be bloodied (blessed).

  4. It was a Real Pleasure to meet You Pete! Glad you two made it home safe and sound. Thanks for Lunch! You are absolutely right.. there are so many “Truther” groups out there.. many of them Hide behind the Trivium.. but they never get past Bitching. They Never “Do” Anything! They never think of Solutions!

  5. CHECK THIS GUYS!!! A Czech man created his own country in former Yugoslavia (according to the article an UNCLAIMED land). Ready to move? Maybe we should give him some suggestions, this may be a good thing but it seems that he may be heading through the beaten path, meaning well, but not LEARNED. CLINT, any suggestions for the man? His name is Vit (veet).

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