Radio Show Number 348, April 06, 2015

Clint’s Guest Tonigtht.. Jeanice Barcelo  from

Birth should be the process whereby two people in love have one of the defining moments of their Love, to create the Trinity .. by having a Child!  It should never be the painful, MKUltra designed Torture Chambers that our Hospitals have become! Now births are designed to have dissasociative behavior greet us the microsecond we come out of the Womb!

Ultrasound, Slapping the Baby the first thing the baby feels, Circumcision is Genital Mutilation .. there is no other word to describe it. When Genital Mutilation is done to Girls in the 3rd World .. We condemn them for being Backward, and Evil!

Trauma Based Mind Control.. starts when we are still in the Womb. (Ultrasound) and.. comes in rapid doses when We are Born! 

To Download:


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