Radio Show 340, March 26, 2015

Tonight, Clint is Joined once again by Patrick Jordan from – 

The Topic (s) for Tonight’s Show: One who holds legal tittle for another is referred to a Strawman!

A Citizen is a Dummy. We Franchises! 




To Download:


2 thoughts on “Radio Show 340, March 26, 2015

  1. Excellent. These two are great together.
    Drew you are doing a wonderful job with archiving Clints shows!
    I needed to go back in the archives and find certain shows last week. Is there any simple way of listing the years with months? I know on some of these blogs with the templets there is an option.
    Thanks again for all the work yo put into this!!!!

  2. Thanks, Morganna.. I had changed the Website to show “All Shows at the same time” .. and provided searchable .pdf files.. but People found that too confusing. Send me a PEM and I’ll try to send you a Complete Index of all 340 Shows!

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