Radio Show Number 338, March 24, 2015

Tonight Clint goes solo! The Topic(s):  The “Angelina” Effect..Humanitarian (Someone Who is Against God)
Removing one’s Ovaries, after having Her Breasts Removed. Celebrity Mutilation.  Celebrities shouldn’t guide our Lives!
Angelina is in Menopause at Age 39! She will be taking Hormones for 10 years.. all because She MIGHT get Cancer!
There has been a doubling of people being screened for Cancer Susceptibility!  Celebrities are provoking us to become less than we really are to become Trans Humanized! Children should not watch TV, have a phone, have any PAD.. not to mention Schools and Doctors!
Cancer Experts laud the decisions that Ms. Jolie-Pitt has made to Mutilate Herself!
With the Gene Test.. Positive Results mean the person will have a 90% Higher Chance of getting Cancer than those without the Gene Abnormality. (90% of Zero .. is Still Zero)!  Imagine 18 year olds (The Age of Consent) with Hot Flashes! 
False Positives or False Negatives are common with the test!

I can’t wait for the first Hollywood Celebrity to have his or her Brain removed due to a Mutation Test! .. Oh wait a lot of them Have!

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