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Radio Show Number 337, March 23, 2015

Tonight Clint is Joined in progress –  later in the Show,  by KW. The Topic The Matrix and how the Bogus Simulacrum is Hollywoodized!

The Matrix is the Mirror Image of what We Live In!  What happens when with Technocracy and Trans-humanism.. We Have a Digital Double.. which one is Us?

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3 responses to “Radio Show Number 337, March 23, 2015

  1. Will Wood

    Where can I find any forms needed to pursue a declaritory Judgement concerning my birth certificate?? Can you post an example? thanks

  2. Will Wood

    What is the difference between ’emancipation’ and ‘manumission’? Not sure about the spellings. But a friend told me along time ago that the act of freeing a slave was called manumission, not emancipation..??

    • Martin ⋅

      Emancipation is when you take your freedom and the letter of manumission is the act, when the slave master gives the freedom to. So one is taking your natural right and second passive waiting to be freed by someone else.

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