Radio Show Number 332, March 16, 2015

Clint’s Guest Tonight: Vicky Davis from

The Topic is Vicky’s Research into Agenda 21, and the Coming Federalism on a National Scale! 

Refugee Relocation, wherever the U.S. Army attacks, the Refugees flow into the United States. The Insurgencies that are perpetrated by Our Intelligence Assets are designed to “Create Refugees”! 

Refugees are a Weapon that is being turned on US! 

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 332, March 16, 2015

  1. Same thing is happening in the UK where refugees are brought in to dilute the native culture and drag down wages for workers (probably the most commented aspect but perhaps the least sinister?)

    Excellent point about the books. Wikipedia is a good demonstration of how easy it is to manipulate electronic records to fit with the meme of the moment. The Libya entries there a couple of years back were shocking in their brazen re-writes. Shocking enough to drive home the point for the only half asleep maybe.

    We should insist that computer science is only taught as another subject in our schools and restricted time allotted to it, with all other subjects taught through books that our children are encouraged to read and taught the enduring value of.

    That oppresive regimes have a history of book burning is not without good cause for the censorship benefits it brings to the oppressors. How much easier to disappear them all together and have a form of information or entertainment that can be altered silently and almost invisibly. Unless you reference something before the change how would you ever be aware that the content had changed?

    I really enjoyed the show. Thanks.

  2. this was done already in this country…. I believe it is called Peopling… create a potato famine and people american cities with poor irish slave labor, we learn nothing… Did I learn that on a prior show? If so thanks Clint!

  3. In Sweden it is illegal to criticize their Immigration Policy. Speaking of the Potato Famine.. if this man’s research is correct.. There was no such thing as a Potato Famne.. He claims over 200,000 British Regular Troops over a 5 year period.. took every Cow, Pig, Chicken, every single drop of food at Gunpoint -to feed the British Empire’s Hungry Army. There was mass starvation but not because of Potatoes .. but due to British Greed. He claims almost 5 Million died of Starvation. As more and more History of the British Empire emerges.. (with over a Billion Indian’s Starved during British Reign).. The Empire were the Sun Never Set.. was British Genocide at it’s finest.

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