Radio Show Number 330, March 12, 2015

On Tonight’s Show, Clint goes Solo. Clint discusses His Coming Book, 

Clint’s Interpretation of Plato’s Republic. 

Plato’s Five Regimes:  


To Download:



3 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 330, March 12, 2015

  1. Surprised to see no comments yet….
    This was indeed one of the best shows yet !
    Absolutely flawless !
    Downloaded,and archived.
    This is prime example of why we listen!
    Thanks and YOW!

    1. Yes a great show. One of the best. We really can expect a great book from Clint.

      About the quote from the caller: “Who does not work, shall not eat”. The bible said “Who does not WANT to work, shall not eat.” That is something very different and does not mean, you shall let anyone suffer, who can not provide enough by his work. Especially once you have taken the means from many people by making them landless and taxing them to death – their poverty has nothing to do with them not wanting to make a living on their work.

      1. I agree with the two of you. An excellent listen (which I have shared) and I can’t wait to buy the book. Clint hasn’t lost his gift!

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