Radio Show Number 328, March 10, 2015

Clint is joined again tonight by, 

Dr. Scott McQuate!

Is the Bible a Simulacra? Evidence Suggests It Is!

Does the Bible have a Source, an Original?   Continued from Monday Evening! 

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15 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 328, March 10, 2015

  1. There are some interesting concepts here, but no one should be that illusive when it comes to quoting sources.
    Is anyone else getting “Stage hypnotist” when he goes on.. “but I’ll come back to that in a moment”, the constant anticipation in the delivery “I’ll come back to that point” could easily find the credulous with lighter pockets.

    Guys like this have always got some great secret to be revealed and never do. Pass the collection plate around and I’ll save you’re soles.

    1. or you could become an apprentice for $49.95 a month or only a one time fee of $3,995 — one time offer only 10hrs left hurry hurry hurry

  2. I have a problem with this theory from the POV that in my experience the majority of people are basically good. Clint has said this is also his experience. Why would the fallen angels create us as entities who, for the most part, are not in tune with their evil intentions? This doesn’t seem logical to me when they surely had the opportunity to create in us a slave race who would be more than willing to do their bidding without any deception necessary. Why would they make us so imperfect for their purposes so that they have to go to all this bother to try to redesign our thinking and outlook?

    The bit about the extra souls being occupied by demons to account for the proposition that there are no new souls, souls are finite in number and these are merely reincarnated was an ingenious response to Clint’s question about how there could then be any increase in the population. I neither believe in nor disbelieve reincarnation. In common with many things, it is a possibility. But I found this particular version of it amusing more than anything else.

    I had some other problems with what he said. He said the father had blessed him ….in revealing these truths to him. I don’t mean to be uncharitable and I certainly don’t object to anyone making a living from selling the fruits of their labour to keep body and soul together (isn’t it what we all have to do?) but I wonder that the father in revealing such crucial truths was not able to provide the means to his messenger for sharing these truths widely and freely. Ironic then that his host is one who has, without making any claims of divine inspiration, managed to…even sought to…share the fruits of his own labour without charge or conditions.

    Sorry if this seems offensive in any way. I speak from the heart and hope that will in some way earn me forgiveness for being honest.

      1. No University in the World! offers a Masters or PHD in “Scriptural Psychology”.. I have letters out to every “Educational Institution” that Dr. Mcquate claims to have recieved a “Degree” from.. We’ll find out who he is or more Importantly ISN’T .. Shortly”!

      2. that’s not strictly true, a candidate for a doctorate can pick any subject they please, though the university does need to supply the appropriate staff and guidance.
        Anyway lets face it, WTF is “Scriptural psychology”? Mabe his doctorate was explaining what the title meant. lol

  3. I think he should be hooked up with crowdfunding/crowdsourcing 🙂
    I have often thought this about things like this and even tried to explain it to “Rosetta Stone” how much to release all you have done for free online forever??? Of course the option to gift it backwards for those experiencing value after the fact remains open as long as the fiscal system still functions.

  4. When Clint finally asked McQuate on the Monday Show: What are your sources for Royalty telling people not to Copulate without Royal Approval: The Answer was quite telling.. No Sources were given, McQ .. mentioned several dog eared “obviously old documents” that McQ had recieved .. but since have vanished! Although he stated that several Masonic Entities had confirmed their validity! (This is the: My Dog Ate it Theory) Irrefutable Source!

  5. Fascinating. Correlates with Mark Passio’s “Cosmic Abandonment” series, shows 158- 169, on the What on Earth is Happening podcast.

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