Radio Show Number 326, March 06, 2015

The State of the Art for Slaves! After 326 Shows Clint outlines how far down the rabbit holes He has traveled. We find out Who “THE PEOPLE” are, how they propagate and enslave us over and over!

Tonight Clint discusses the difference between Personal and Private!

“We are Not “THE PEOPLE”…. Patriot Radio exists.. to try and make Politicians Follow the Constitution!

The Hugest Patriot Myth:  THE PEOPLE.. is not the Vulgar, Common People..

The Most Productive Slave is a Slave who believes he is Free. We have NO Resource or Recourse …We are at War…. Begging THEM (We the Vulgar Outnumber “them” 10 – 1)  not to harm us!

The PEOPLE Create Trusts.. (   

The PEOPLE Hire Us to Control Us! 

Is there any point in begging them to treat us fairly?





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3 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 326, March 06, 2015

  1. The quote in the beginning “No one is more enslaved than he who falsely believes to be free” is from Johann Wolfgang Goethe one of the classic German poets.”

    And I hope Clint does not bring himself into trouble in one of his rants. Every thing has its moment. And there are smarter ways of saying something then this.

    In the eastern part of Germany when they had the Sate Security listening to a lot of conversations they started every sentence that might have brought you in troubles: “I reject the following story” “I strictly dismiss the following joke” “I can’t tolerate the idea ….”

  2. A Tuskin is a form of internet troll who trolls his friends indirectly by stirring up the shit through digital means.

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