Radio Show Number 324, March 03, 2015

Clint Tonight discusses:  Sharpstown Texas!  -Texas Town .. has 61% drop in crime.. by getting rid of Cops!

Sharpstown Texas! 

WE ARE AT WAR! and have been for some time.. Everyone of us who is anti-vaccine, anti Chemtrails.. are in this War:  Domestic Terrorists!  No if’s and’s or but’s!

Vaccinations come from the sky.. aerosol vaccines.. We are the Termites Being Sprayed.

Filing Petitions to these Controller’s is pointless, demeaning.. it’s like Armenians during  the British Young Turks  Occupation sending Petitions.. Please don’t hurt us!!

Wake up.. stop signing Petitions, Please! 

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 324, March 03, 2015

  1. I couldn’t help but being reminded of this ‘pre’ gangsta rap classic we used to jam back in 1991 – every time you proclaimed WE ARE AT WAR ! – – replace ‘black man’ with simply ‘man’ and we have what is the truth – which goes hand in hand with your discussion. Call it the soundtrack of this episode :

    at 0:40 seconds in – is where the proclamation is voiced

  2. Shadowy background of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger phd?

    …. don’t know if she is being attacked because of her alternative views and work such as Dr Hulda Clark (The Zapper) or Dr Vera Scheibner (Anti-Vaccination fame whom I listened to in the 1990’s in Englan) were but it her lack of credentials are called into question like others Dr Scheibner might have been a thorn in the medical establishments and because her formal education and qualifications were in Palaeontology she was also an easy target to discredit ( ad hominin attacks not the medical research she would cite nor the common seneschal conclusions she argued from those studies). I think I’d be a little scpical of a person that charges a lot of money (again if these claims are true) for her protocols.
    She has been one of the main sources for this line of information for many years

  3. The big question is, what really works to reset the epigenomic switches and what helps to protect against the microwave, the chemtrails and so on? I doubt that we can stop it, so how cope with this?

    I mean a lot of people sell stuff and make their business out of this. From orgonite, over frequency therapy like singing bowls or high frequency machines or low frequency stuff to nutrition.

  4. I can think of no investigative reporting more expedient, or better delivered than this report, Clint. It needs to go viral if for no other reason than to answer the “why” many of us can’t even muster the strength to move forward.

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