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Radio Show Number 323, March 02, 2015

KW (A Private Citizen from Kentucky) Joins Clint Tonight, The Topic – The Constitution!
Capitonyms – A capitonym is a word that changes its meaning (and sometimes pronunciation) when it is capitalized; the capitalization usually applies due to one form being a proper noun or eponym.[citation needed] It is a portmanteau of the word capital with the suffix -onym. A capitonym is a form of homograph and – when the two forms are pronounced differently – also of heteronym. In situations where both words should be capitalized (such as the beginning of a sentence), there will be nothing to distinguish between them except the context in which they are used.
In the Constitution: “WE THE PEOPLE” does not mean the common or Vulgar People .. which means it is only A Certain People.. (Those Who Wrote the Constitution)!
Other Capitalized Words: ORDER, (Masonic Order), UNION (A Specific Form of Union), JUSTICE.. IT GOES ON AND ON!
How many Patriot Myths are perpetrated by Constitutional Specialists.. who don’t even Understand CAPITONYMS?

To Download:

The Constitution is to protect THE PEOPLE.. (The Masons) Not You and I.


2 responses to “Radio Show Number 323, March 02, 2015

  1. Charles Hlady ⋅

    Show 323 does not seem to exist. It could be neither downloaded nor played online. Can it be made available or is it lost forever?

  2. @Charles.. the show plays from the media library. I can’t check out the actual post at the moment – as I’m recording last nights show from the RBN player. I’ll confirm it later and fix the link if it needs fixing. Thanks

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