Bonus Clint.. Rebekah Roth Hours 1 & 2 with John Stadtmiller.. Feb. 25, 2015

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5 thoughts on “Bonus Clint.. Rebekah Roth Hours 1 & 2 with John Stadtmiller.. Feb. 25, 2015

  1. I was so disappointed Clint in the amount of time you allowed this person and not actually covering the real issues around the 911 Psyop. I think Andrew Johnson’s review of this book is a fair summary but more importantly cites real evidence that people should be looking at.
    A challenge to you then Clint that you refute the evidence of Dr Judy Wood or you have her on for 4 hours?
    Having heard Rebecca Roth’s short interview with “The Writing Room” on YouTube, after I was sent a link by someone, I decided to buy the Kindle version of this book, which I have now read. It was an interesting book – covering a topic that I, too, have compiled a book about. In my own 10 years of research, I had not heard of Rebecca Roth, but I am familiar with many of the facts which are related in the narrative of the 2nd half of her book.

    The book reads well, and initially builds a fairly engaging story, centred around Vera – a flight attendant of many years experience. Vera has always had questions about the official story of 911 but following two terrifying aircraft/airline incidents which directly affect the fictional US president, Jim Sherman, she begins to re-investigate those events with the help of an old friend of her deceased husband.

    The first half of the book (more or less), just introduces the main characters in the story and how they are and become connected. This is essentially a build up to the second half, where some of the anomalies in the 911 story are discussed by these characters as they share their research. Most of their exchange of details centres around the plane/passenger anomalies (which was what I wanted to read about) and the alleged theft of gold from the WTC just before the towers were destroyed (a story which I have heard about, but not studied the evidence for). The scenario presented regarding what happened to the planes is intriguing, but is largely based on the alleged cellphone conversations which, as the narrative rightly points out, were used to generate the “hijackers” fable and implant it into the public consciousness soon after the events took place. The narrative makes the argument that these conversations were “staged” while the planes had been landed. Again, the narrative rightly points out that the observed damage at all 4 crash sites does not indicate that planes crashed there.

    One oddity in the story is where 2 of the characters pull a stunt with a wheelchair to demonstrate a “hole” in security procedures – yet the characters talk about the intrusive nature of TSA pat-downs and so on. So why advocate *further* security checks when they are uncovering a fraudulent story of hijackings?

    However regarding the plane stories, certain issues are overlooked in the narrative – such as “if the planes were landed somewhere, what did people in New York see crashing into the towers, and what was filmed there?” This is a question which I think can be answered by studying the research of Richard D Hall and his 3D Flight Analysis. Also, my article entitled “Going in Search of Planes in NYC” also offers some clues to fit into this story.

    Regarding the planes, the “what people saw” is really only covered in the narrative with the suggestion that missiles were fired – which may have been the case – though the evidence for this part of the theory isn’t really covered in the narrative at all well (it’s mainly covered in a conversation between Vera and someone who worked at the Pentagon).

    More troubling is the inclusion of a Physics Professor named Jonas and his “peer reviewed scientific paper” about thermite being used to destroy the towers. Similarly, the towers are described many times as having “collapsed”. The research of Dr Judy Wood (not mentioned or referenced anywhere in the narrative) shows the towers did NOT collapse. They mostly turned to dust in mid air. It seems the author is not familiar with my own research into this area of 911 evidence – that the thermite story was implanted to distract people away from the evidence which shows what happened to the towers. I have evidence in spades that this is true. Thermite is a bogus theory – and unlike Dr Wood’s research, none of the thermite evidence was put into a court case (i.e. those like Jonas promoting this evidence actually *know* they are lying).

    So overall, this is an interesting narrative and the president’s speech at the end is perhaps one we would all like to hear. But in the end, and I don’t mean this to sound cruel, insensitive or “wrong”, the stories of what happened to the planes some may consider as just a distraction – from asking the question “Where Did The Towers Go?” Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11. So please read that book.911 Finding the Truth


    1. What does this info have to do with Judy Wood? It seems your implying that any stance on 9/11 must include Judy Wood or it’s invalid on its face. Ms Roth is giving her in depth “first hand” knowledge and experience in the airline industry coupled with her in depth discovery of details pertaining to specifically the planes and events on the morning of 9/11. All of which have nothing to with “Where Did The Towers Go?” as if when you discover this you will be able to bring them back somehow??? “Where Did The Towers Go?” and ooh ooh look here the proof of “free energy” their hiding free energy and secret weapons, forget the who and why of 9/11 lets focus on the invisible dragons that zapped the towers with magic energy that nobody has any proof of not to mention all 3 towers resembled 100% controlled demo’s. If Ms Wood had any credible proof of anything beside theories it would be great for instance “1” single example to compare the results of “free energy” being used to pulverise a sky scraper would be very telling otherwise Ms .Wood might as well be quoting from Harry Potter as proof, atleast Ms. Roth admittedly uses fiction to disseminate truth where Ms.Wood is passing theories off as truth. Most of these little sub groups of 9/11 truth are handled and divided for a reason I have heard from toooo many first hand accounts from those involved detailing this, “Where Did The Towers Go?” simply polarizes a fringe group of the 9/11 movement and has its followers chanting its mantra and casting doubt on others more credible evidence as if being less valuable as a component of the overall 9/11 truth, kind of like you are doing here. She is showing how the basic componants for the initial events on 9/11 are lies backed by logic, evidence, and basic procedure being ignored most of which could be used in court if needed, by beating this aspect to a pulp it destroys the entire foundation that the rest of the official 9/11 fairy tail is based upon, but adding magic dragons to the story does nothing to destroy the initial lies everything else is based upon, Honestly I highly doubt Ms. Wood could last a 4 hr interview, I don’t want to speak for Clint but I’d imagine he would be struggling within the first 30 min to get anything of real value unearthed and after listening to Ms Wood multiple times I would personally be challenged to listen to more then an hour, no offence to Ms Wood I believe she is genuine in her beliefs either her own or her handlers but she is the core of a compartmentalized agenda to keep followers from looking at a bigger truth which is not the government hiding “free energy weapons” because if this was an issue their would be no conflict in the Middle East to control oil (energy) the government and its handlers would already be capitalizing on “free energy” and we would already be enslaved to this system instead of oil. The full scope of what was entailed to bring the towers down was planned out methodically for possible decades these towers were built with the intent to be destroyed as a ritual sacrifice to bring in the new age and begin the new crusade to control the holy land and realize the Zionist agenda of having Christians and Muslims destroy each other.The current US government is at the core of this agenda and the Ultimate Truth is not by what specific means the towers were destroyed but the political players involved and ultimate agenda the entire event of 9/11 is the catalyst for.

      1. Hello Mark, it seems that you’ve not actually looked at Dr Wood’s evidence that says what happened to not just 3 towers but another 3 WTC pre-fixed others (another sign you’ve not read or listened to her many 2-4hr presentations ). Nor have you read what Andrew Johnson actually said about the book in question. One of the areas is where the author uses a character that obviously refers to Stephen Jones and his discredited Thermite (Where was the blinding light show or burn victims?) nonsense. Therefore, the author through her ignorance (if this was a mistake) has perpetuated a lie about how the 1-6 WTC towers went away i.e. turned to Dust. Its all very nice to present a Fiction book but another to take evidence and present this to a court as Clint will be aware. The author couldn’t get anywhere with her book as its just a heresy book not factual or evidence. Dr Wood took a ‘Qui Tam’ case and sued NIST contractors who develop Directed Energy Weapons for your Government. So again Clint, why not have Dr Judy Wood on to let your audience hear about her Evidence and the one thing Mark she will not talk about (and this sets her aside ‘Everyone’ else) is BELIEF. She only talks about what she knows and the evidence. If you actually read her book or listened to her many presentations you’d know she doesn’t have a camp or concern about Put options, or Mossad or CIA or any other heresy discussions and you’d also know that the technology to change base components such as Steel/Iron with a directed energy was and is being done by John Hutchinson since the late 1980’s. Ball’s firmly in your court Clint to get Dr Judy Wood on to present her work or are you just another outlet to steer the truth seeker away from the biggest Government cover-up that affects everyone on the planet by giving air time to someone with the greatest respect that produced at best good read and I know Clint was in awe of the SAS/SEAL/Special Forces type training that air stewards go through – really Clint? But, she is just that an ex-Air Steward who wrote a popular book nothing that will change anything or could be used against the ‘Perps’ (the ones she and lots of others have already cited these past 10-12 years, and what?). But, it does matter if within the good read she’s putting lies (Thermite) into the consciousness of those new to the 911 Party and by association if this isn’t addressed by Clint then he is also in collusion but that can be put right by having a materials expert on.

  2. I beg to differ. If she did not write fiction, and wrote a book, as truth, then as a stewardess, saying that they put in Flight Termination Systems in American Airlines planes (who may or may not be her former employer) and that these systems turn off transponders and all avenues of communication, in and outside the plane, and that these devices were used for illegitimate purposes on 911, she could be sued by the airlines who are supposed to be in control of such devices and who are supposed to protect their employees from harm. More than many people who write about 911, she, as a stewardess with a special knowledge obtained from her job, would leave herself exposed to lawsuits and perhaps much worse. F or example, if someone who worked for Boeing came out and wrote a book that said that he knows through his job that Flight Termination Systems were being put in planes all over the world without airlines knowing it for illegitimate purposes, he would be setting himself up for either a lawsuit, or a hitman.

  3. Thanks Annastasia, I built locomotives for 23 years, and even though I’m retired, I signed an NDA that would still make me legally liable for divulging “anything” about our products! Rebekah would have been very stupid to write a “factual” book! She’s still dancing a fine line even with her “fiction”!

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