Radio Show Number 317, February 20, 2015

Clint is joined tonight by Daniel from:

Daniel is being prosecuted by the FDA for using and making claims about MMS. 

Daniel’s Legal Defence Fund has raised $98,519 of $200k So Far.  From over 192 Countries! 

Daniel takes on a tour of the Amazing Healthy Qualities of MMS.

MMS is still available in Canada as “Water Purification Drops”.. but for how much longer?

To Download:


11 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 317, February 20, 2015

  1. Ug don’t jump the shark here Clint – your integrity is at risk helping out this MMS nonsense. Sure FDA is tyrannical – everyone knows this but please do your due dilligence regarding the actual facts with the MMS scam. You should get Patrick in on this curious what he might have to say (unless of course he’s a partner in distro) anyways it’s an obsolete product due to the dangerous nature ultimately. But that does not get to the heart of the claims and where is the data? I’ve been looking for data since 2010 on this stuff and it does not exist. Only claims. If you want something that has been proven effective time and time again, reach for Lugol’s iodine which also coincidentally can treat nasty water and treat your body … and treat your thyroid after it’s been assaulted by MMS. And anyone at home can still purchase the 2 elements to create it in themselves. Or you can harvest kelp. Steer clear of elixir men. I call this Daniel from Oregon- the Daniel in reverse.

  2. Whether You Think MMS works is not the Point. The Point is that Daniel if Convicted will spend 38 Years Behind Bars for providing a Natural Product that is safer than Hydrogen Peroxide – which remains legal!

    1. Exactly, the FDA is profit gatekeeper for the elite chemical Co.’s AKA Big Pharma if they are going after anyone it is under direction from it’s puppet masters do to potential profit loss.
      Where are the injured parties harmed by the use of MMA?
      While in most cases multi million dollar lawsuits must be won with stacks of dead bodies piling up before the FDA recalls toxic drugs while still holding the drug company harmless, drugs the FDA approved (rubber stamped and cashed checks ) yet the damn FDA is never prosecuted for the criminal harm it actually does. Where are the drug Co. share holders going to prison for killing people?

      Article link on “Man or Other Animals” case

    2. It is TOTALLY the point – because why focus on a fraudulent pyramid scheme ? And why promote a guy that had all his eggs in his own basket ? That’s his problem. It’s a dog eat dog world in business. I made it Clear that the FDA is nasty – A nonsense excursion of futility – did you Donate to Daniel from Oregon ?
      What kind of fight are you putting up against this tyranny?
      How about fighting for your rights in your own town or city – municipality – that’s where it starts. Not some guy you will never meet. Bigger issues that have integrity that one can correct the problems. The only guy that will benefit is Daniel by getting his legal fees paid for. What a joke.

    3. And I usually ignore people who spout rhetoric key words like “it’s safer than h202 ” NONSENSE – do you have that proof ready that Daniel does not even posses ? You joker.

      1. The Proof is self evident.. many, many people sell H202 and don’t get arrested, but if you sell MMS.. they want to give you 38 years! The Jokers are the FDA, not Me!

      1. Thanks for the answer
        I was a bid confused, because an enterprise selling operation would not really have fit the Christian Name Daniel.

  3. Clint, U R teh best. from an older show, around 200 U ? where does original sin come from, it comes from EVE or UR MOM (birth certificate) lolo

  4. They just announced to forbid MMS in Germany this week.

    Which is pretty senceless, because they will and can not forbid the ingrediants. But they will go for the traders of the ready to use stuff here soon too.

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