Radio Show Number 313, February 16, 2015

Clint goes Solo tonight, the Topic: One God is Government, One is our Personal Belief. You can not bring Your Beliefs into the FICTION!  To be a Citizen is to be Spiritually Dead! “The Law” is a twisted inside out version of the Bible! If You are strict in Your Personal Beliefs as a Christian – You will have Zero Truck with The Church or Government! At Birth We Enter into a Fictional World.. and God Goes by the Wayside. To be a Citizen means to Turn Your Back on God!

Call-Ins in 2nd Hour!

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3 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 313, February 16, 2015

  1. Hi all. As regards the Federal Reserve and the preponderance of people of Jewish origin in these roles. This is a link

    from an article from a scholar called E. Michael Jones. I do not espouse all his views but some information from a quoted convert of Jewish origin reveals how the Jews in the middle ages were used by aristocrats in Poland and Spain to tax farm and as generally the ‘hard boys’ to do functions that people of that community would not do. Because they are a community apart and with grievances against the majority, they can be relied on to do some nasty things, and once there and they benefit, the get greedy and prideful while the aristo’s get lazy and can lose a grip. It now seems obvious how the governments or others can use them in these tasks that most people of Christian moral backgrounds would baulk at or die of guilt for doing.

    Always go back to the past techniques. Why change something that always will work.

    As you say. Let logic rule your arguments and go back to the past to see if it has been done before

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