Radio Show Number 312, February 13, 2015

Clint’s Guest Tonight: Malcolm Bowden from:

And the Topic is:

The Importance of Geocenticity

Science is designed to protect the Status Quo not Investigate New Frontiers.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 312, February 13, 2015

  1. This show really turned me off… It is not enough to claim, that science is rigged and than to postulate that someone has proved that all is bible conform. You have to do it little step by step and show how it is rigged and exactly describe every experiment in detail that proves the heliocentric word view wrong.

    And that bible that is cited so often as prove for everything. Did you not know that the bible was the part of text about religion that emperor Constantine ordered around 400 BC to be part of the official state doctrine of the Byzantine empire and that they had not four text about the live of Jesus but 50.

    Not to forget that this very preselected selection of state conform believes in Jesus has been altered since then over and over.

    How can this be prove of anything, except that humans make their picture of god all by themselves and believe or make others believe, whatever suits them best.

    I can follow Clint along when he says the Bible is the law. Because it had the purpose to unite the people under the rule of Constantine from the beginning and with the rise of the church layed the foundation for the law in many aspects.

    But to say, that this is god word and just say the universe is moving around a centered earth just because some bible text says this, is really hurting Clint’s reputation and great work in revealing the fraud.

    1. You seem to have a lot of preconceived ideas and are projecting things into the conversation that are not true. Arguing on a false belief as if it is true is ignorant. I can see why most people are turned off by the Bible because all the words have been changed and a history/manual book has been turned into a religious system that lies, deceives, murders, coercive, is violent, murders, etc. As far as Christianity goes it has nothing to do with the Bible, the Bible is about the law of the world (constitutional order) and the laws of the Most High God of Hosts and it is a history book of the sons of Adam (white race).

      Welcome to JerUSAlem.

  2. If the Show Turned You off, don’t listen. Malcolm Bowden is and was very passionate about the subject! I don’t have to agree with every guest on the radio show, I don’t think any guest Invalidates Clint’s work! I know Einstein was probably the biggest Scientific Hoax ever.. He plagiarized his teachers, then when he was put on a pedestal for his Plagerism – He refused to debate any other Scientists.. (In Einstein’s Day.. that’s how Theories were proven .. by Debate). Einstein also called any criticism of him or his Theories ANTISEMITISM!

  3. A pity that this show was not about Einstein. Might have been a great one then. Clint could do a great show about the “Cunning of Unreasoning” of the jewish psychoanalytic movement and its links to mind control too.
    I studied social work in a jewish controlled university and I can tell you how that cured me from believing in science and put me on the long way to find out about jewish control of science, society, art, media, politics, finance and on.
    But to convince me about something fundamental like the earth position in the universe, one needs to be detailed instead of just pointing away to some other source and then supporting the claim with the bible.

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