Radio Show Number 311, February 12, 2015

As per usual Clint is joined tonight by Freeman Burt from:

Tonight’s Start’s with Clint explaining why in Court the Gold Band around the Flag on Three Sides..designates it as a Military Flag. The Flag is a symbol of authority, and designates who is in Power! You are in a Military Court, ruled by Maritime Law, and You are the Vessel!

Burt is joined tonight by Casey, who facing a Foreclosure charge is having to teach law to the Law Clerk, at the Recording Office  while attempting to obtain a Deed of Trust and a Note which will be the Full Contract!

To Download:


4 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 311, February 12, 2015

  1. Casey says something like “These people are not banks”
    the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882” says different
    “Banker” includes a body of persons whether incorporated or not who carry on the business of banking…
    BANK’ER, noun One who keeps a bank; one who trafficks in money, receives and remits money, negotiates bills of exchange, etc.

    rudimentary yes, but easy forgotten. We are all Bankers.

    1. Never is a long time. Should we take advice from people who call themselves lawyers or politicians or doctors or scientists? If someone speaks the truth what matter what they call themselves. And if they speak lies, well, the same.

      1. No. A ‘freeman’ and a ‘citizen’ are the same person. If he doesn’t know that, he shouldn’t be charging people for the info he does have. People shouldn’t pay to be his experiment.
        I give him all the props for wanting to get his hands dirty, but he is in no position to sell services, yet.

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