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Radio Show Number 304, February 03, 2015

Once Again, Clint is Joined Tonight by KW! As they go deeper into the Rabbit Hole of Steering Your Citizenship to a

Safe Harbor! “Resignation of Registered Agent”.. or “Resignation of a Registered Agent for Foreign Corporation”

Thanks to RBN and John Stadtmiller for relinquishing most Commercial Spots for this Very Important Broadcast!

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4 responses to “Radio Show Number 304, February 03, 2015

  1. Peter Wilbur ⋅

    been looking at the info for NY ( My question is ssn, do you have to surrender it first? Will I be unable to work without it? Great shows thank you, Pete

  2. It is about time that we are getting information that makes things a little more clear on the legal side of things. Most of us that are seeking the perfect law of liberty in Jesus Christ will be baptized in Christ and will eventually be kicked out of this system as the Israelites were out of Egypt and the disciples were out of Rome. Than will we really understand who we are in Christ Jesus, in the mean time we need to learn as much as we can about this system and how it relates to the Bible.

  3. MikeV ⋅

    super info here

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