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Radio Show Number 298, January 26, 2015

Clint goes Solo Tonight:

When,  Not If the Financial Collapse Happens (Bank Holidays – plastic no longer being “Viable”):

By Holding Gold just to convert it into the new improved Global $$, You are committing Usury!

Gold and Silver will by You Squat. A Prison Mentality will develop.. valuable items:  Liquor, Cigarettes, Bullets.. And Most Importantly CA$H! 

The World will not go Crazy, Humans are much nicer than our Hollywood and MSM  Overlord’s Predict.

Clint lived on 11th Ave. in NYC on 911, when the area was shut down, people didn’t Loot.. they Actually Helped One Another and were Polite!

Once and for All, Stop Believing the Patriot Myths spread by G. Ed Griffin (Celebrated Plagiarist) and James Corbett.. (Celebrated Patriot.. Audit the Fed Alarmist)!  In 1933 when the President was given (By Congress) the power to write Law, the Head of the Treasury was given the same Power. “GOVERNMENT CONTROLS THE FED” ..Not Vice Versa ! The Fed is only Following the Law written (and Amended .. Many Many Times) by Congress!

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