Radio Show Number 295, January 21, 2015

Clint is joined by a recovering Daniel from,


The Topic Tonight: The Shmita! which can predict all financial collapses! God is responsible for Shmita’s which are a 7 year cycle! How can Empires Crashing be Predicted. Shmita is also known as the Release or the Collapse!

1929 happened on the day of the Shmita

WWI happened on the Year of the Shmita

WWII happened on the 7 year cycle of the Shmita

2001, Was the end of Towers, or Shakings.. in the middle of the 49 Year Period or Jubilee.

7  Years later another Jubiliee.. the Financial Crisis of 2008!

The Jubilee ends in September 2015, is this the Financial Collapse?

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 295, January 21, 2015

  1. Those who control the money, control the shmita in order to greedily profit off of the demise of we the serfs. The Israelites did not observe the shmita and that was one of the reasons they were sent into captivity. When they returned from Babylon, they continued to disregard God’s shmita, yet they prospered. So pardon me if I do not put any stock into what the Talmudists, whether they be orthodox, secular or Messianic. Even today, Zionist Israel does not observe His shmita. The goal of their shmitas (what is His that they took and made their own) is simply to destroy nations in preparation for their one world government that will be ruled from the abominable masonic supreme court of their re-established Sanhedrin court. His shmita had nothing to do with any of the things listed above. However, the shmita of the Talmudists who established the fake money system have total control. Now, what has this all to do with Boehner inviting Nuts-Yahu to speak before the US Congress this spring against the wishes and advice of the White House. Everything! It will be one speech that I will certainly DVR so not to miss one word in order to discern what is next on the agenda of the whore of Babylon. We knew it was coming when Nuts-Yahu gave Obama a copy of the book of Esther which is nothing more than the playbook of the whore of Babylon who disguises herself in order to conquer nations that were never part of the inheritance of the tribes of Israel. Shalom!

  2. Theres a book (forget off hand) explained Jesus birth would have been about Sept.11 it was published years before 9/11 happened, I believe Mark Passio did a segment about the ritual sacrifise of the towers it was all preplanned from the time they were built, the towers stood about as long as Jesus lived, 2001 was basically the start of the new 2000 year cycle as Jesus was the birth of the last cycle.
    There is a simple over view here It was God of the old testimate, then the new cycle Jesus half man/ half god, the present cycle of NO god and man has taken over leaving most of humanity a lesser creation and must be ruled by man the new gods on earth, be it through force or technology the state is god for the new cycle. One could also say God of the old testimate was the integration of multiple gods from the cycle before. Now when they can hover over the earth like in “Elysium” it will be realized.

  3. Clint, in addition regarding the shmita, one must remember that the calendar of Talmudism is not a biblical calendar. While it may include YHWH’s appointed times, the calendar is wholly man made with no regard to the biblical instructions for determining months and years. In addition, the Talmudists calendar is not accurate as they removed at least 165 years so to make it seem as if their boy Bar Kochba of the revolt after the destruction of the Temple, was the actual messiah. It was all done in order to discrediti the real Messiah, Yeshua, the only begotten of YHWH. The removal of years from YHWH’s actual reckoning of years makes their Talmudic calendar void in regards to YHWH’s shmitas. The Talmudists have offered many messiah’s over the years, only to have to eat crow when their messiah’s turn out to be fakes. And these shmita’s of theirs is nothing more than another Talmudic plot to usher in their anti-christ. The anti-christ that the True Messiah will come and destroy. Shalom! 🙂

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