Radio Show 290, January 14, 2015

 Tonight, Clint and Patrick Jordan continue their discussion of the Simulacra and Simulations!

Religion is a Simulation of the Bible, Law is Scripted Reality, History is Scripted Reality, Reality TV – Scripted Realities.. or Fiction!
Reality is always presented to us in Fictional Form! Our Food is also Fiction, Fake Food!
We don’t create anything, we are presented with Fictional Labels on our Food, and Trust the Corporations!
Sugars go through a Babylonian Name Change.. Dextrose, Corn Syrup, etc.
The Movie “Dark City” spawned The Matrix!

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show 290, January 14, 2015

  1. “Dark City” is good movie, but the “Terminator” is basically a pre Matrix progression they can almost fit together seamlessly Inception of the machines through advanced matrix.
    A great old flick “Things to Come” HG Wells, got all the propaganda like virus, zombies, how we will be dependant on fuel, total destruction of society then behold we will be saved by the elite technocrats, great stuff from 1936 and total blue print.

    1. don’t forget “the time machine” and check out “We” (Yevgeny Zamyatin) that’s a spooky novel. I think “our” entire future can be (d)found in these metanarratives.
      Its Spooky stuff.

      1. Ok got me on “We” never heard of it, but did track down an MP3 file for it.
        Almost a “1984” remake is “Equilibrium” with Christian Bale.
        “Snow Pearcer” is a new one , got the end of the world from global ice age and total allegory for entire controlled class system on a train.
        I’m rewatching one called “The Zero Theorum”, its a future korny/semi comedy they are trying to figure out a master equation to prove everything equals 0.
        Real mind bender is “Predestination” it a time travel flick to put it lightly.

  2. Lol “The Zero Theorem” (spelling is my worst attribute), this was also directed by Terry Gilliam who did “Brazil” and “12Monkeys”.

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