Radio Show Number 289, January 13, 2015

Clint’s Guest Tonight, once again is Patrick Jordan from

Tonight’s Topic “The Matrix” the Movie which is a Pale Copy of  the Book –  By Jean Baudrillard
Simulacra and Simulations – a PDF of the Book is available here:  I have been advised this is a more complete Version of the Book!

The Matrix is a masterpiece of Obfuscation, to Promote Trans Humanism!

To Download:


6 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 289, January 13, 2015

  1. It took me years to watch that Metanarrative, I can’t really stand the main actor guy. I once potatoshoped the movie poster and replace him with a chair, the chair did have wheels on it, so the motivation for its action’s…

  2. Funny that you should mention Circumcision – Clint had another guest on who was talking about MKUltra Programming starting in our Hospitals: It starts with Ultrasound.. which is torture for the baby living in a nice warm stomach.. the bombardment of the Ultrasound is Torture, (which causes multiple personalities).. then the mother is given synthesized oxytocin so that her body stops producing it.. then they have one person in the Delivery Room.. who just does Circumcision’s all day long.. And also the baby is slapped to start it’s exterior life. The show mentions the Jewish practice of having the one person who sucks the blood away, after a circumcision >>A Rabbi or Mohel removes blood from the wound with his mouth — a practice city health officials have criticized, saying it carried “inherent risks” for babies>>… If You want I’ll try to find the exact episode.

    1. I was just listening to an older podcast from another person, they put drops in the babies eyes at some point and this is actually the time noted on the birth certificate and both signify death because the BC is a dead instrument (the living legal entity) and the drops are like the placing of the coins on the dead bodies eyes to travel into the next world or heaven.
      But the whole hospital process is a total pagan torture ritual for the baby, plus F#ck hack your sons weiner half off seriously and people talk about the “mark of the beast” this is litterally like branding your cattle with a physical scar and the biggest joke it having a religious meaning who’s religion Satans ??? What did God screw up and didn’t create the penis correctly??? it seemed to work fine for thousands of years.
      People need to realize the church created the calendar we are living in a fictional date of someones creation a Matrix right now, forget the all caps name just claiming the date is admitting to be a fiction in a fictional reality. The jews use the Hebrew calendar it’s like 3,700 yrs difference so we are all literally the walking dead to them we died 3,700 years ago, i also heard the courts may run on the Hebrew calendar which makes sense because they only recognize dead fictions and will have you examined claiming your from a time 3,700 years ago,how else can they “summons” you like the dead because you appear are in their world.
      The Julian and current Gregorian calendar are only 13 days difference, I’m contemplating starting to use the Julian which will change my birth date and technically my identity it’s not a lie because no form states which calendar to use, possible even create a new birth affidavit using that date instead.
      They straight lied to me in school and I went to catholic school, they said Ceaser created the current calendar (Julian) yet its not the current one which is the Gregorian created in the 1500’s.
      So you create a new fictional world through a new calendar then simply work backwards creating the history of your new matrix. LOL who’s even read a book more the 100 yrs old??? now who can actually prove what happened 1-2 thousand+ years ago based on books written in the last 10-50yrs???
      Nevermind the fact you can’t pick up todays newspaper and find any truth in the propoganda, advertising or straight bullshit. I found out Shakespeare was quite possible just a creation of the Jesuits to introduce new legal concepts???

      Drew can you post that “Co. Surety” book link?

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