Radio Show Number 280, December 30, 2014

Tonight Clint asks the question: Can a new community be founded with the Bible as it’s Constitution?

Is the only way to be recognized by Government – to set the Community up as a Monastery?

Many Callers weigh in on the Subject!

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One thought on “Radio Show Number 280, December 30, 2014

  1. In your monestary…? Will there be women?
    If there are women will they follow the Biblical guidelines?
    Or will they bring their Steinem conditioning and sorrority girl attitudes on the roles of women with them?
    I ask because there are other real churches that actually believe there was a Jesus and Abraham Issac Jacob (et al) not just as representational characters that get a lot of static on the role of women in the Bible.
    Will the adultery codes be addressed? A person in the chat room feels they have no need to repent of anything.
    A person in the chat room exclaimed they will be a monk-ess!
    Like a goddess? Like Rosanne? (Feminism)
    Maybe a joke…but will the women wear their short shorts on hot days and skin tight jeans? Drinking dating single gals?Just like on the outside?
    If the porn lover (who feels they need not repent of that) in close contact starts lusting after someones wife in her short shorts over time,or you get a Jezebel spirit in there starting whispering campaigns using her body etc to get what she wants like in the worldly world.
    If the people have worldly morals you will have male and female people who are promiscuous like in the worldly world.
    Along with the Tavistock Rock-Laurel Canyon the worldly world has convinced women it’s better to be a single mom,and have a job instead of nuturing their most precious commodity.Their home and family.
    The enmity between men and women is one of the earliest
    contentions of society on a macro level described by the Bible.
    The Bible answers the role of women.
    How to have the best chance of a peaceful life.
    The programming that has been disseminated since the 60’s
    makes a woman following the Biblical outline “oppressed”,and they become argumentative now since the only role of women they know of is the civil rights version.
    An example :
    Culture has never been a factor as to whether a woman must submit to her husband in the Bible. Modern times of woman’s liberation are irrelevant. God gives us His reasons why women must submit to her husband.
    Will those Bible rules be followed?
    Most monasteries have been male.They may have had nuns.
    But when you mix men and women and they still have the worldly program then I guess you need police for the domestic disturbances that will pop up from time to time.
    Just saying because I am writing James 4
    into a song at this time,and the comments in chat of Mr.No Repentence Needed and the monk-ess made me think of peoples programming in the roles of male and female that have been as corrupted and distorted as the rock music.You have generations with a non Biblical view on male female roles.

    James 4:4King James Version (KJV)
    4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
    In closing this Agressive Christian Misson Training Corps
    is a little nutty with their costumes,but they have had their own monastery of sorts,living in a compound.They are ex hippies and got the idea of costumes working with Salvation Army.
    But they do have monasteries of sorts housing many families.
    This woman here explains a bit of some of the experiences they’ve had with women not following Biblical roles in their camp. Hear waht she says about “the infection” 8 minutes in.
    Something to think about?

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