Radio Show 252, November 10, 2014

Clint’s Guest tonight:  Frederick Graves

How to Win in Court!

To Download:


2 thoughts on “Radio Show 252, November 10, 2014

  1. I almost couldn’t agree less with this guy. I’ll consed, knowing what to do in a court of record is a good thing, but here in the “UK” those courts have been basically taken over by kangaroo tribunals (and for a long time (Star chambers)).
    No amount of knowing will save you in one of those “courts” they are full of lawyers that simply want to get paid.
    What do you do against councils (local Authority’s) that send out faked “court” documents when the police don’t want to know about?

    Moreover, this seems like basic acquiescence to gibberish, it makes no sense whatsoever to pander to these idiots.
    A get out of jail free card is oxymoronic when the jail has no legitimacy in the first place, none of it makes any sense.

  2. There are many Courts here in Canada and other Countries – where knowing about the Law won’t even buy You a Cup of Coffee! I’m reminded of the American Indians who were issued “Documents” that Guaranteed them safety – they would hold these Documents up – as the Army cut them to smithereens with Gattling Guns! I hope the Jurisdiction art will help many, but in a lot of the World’s Justice systems – Good Luck!

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