Radio Show Number 251, November 07, 2014

Call in Show Tonight, various topics:  The legal definition of “Take”, Detroit Bankruptcy Lies, The Incredible amount of $$ that the Military Pension Plans Control, Manifest Destiny.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 251, November 07, 2014

  1. Can Clint look into this ? They claim ther are reseating the CorpUSA …
    From their site:
    Reseat the original jurisdiction government.

    On creation, God gave man dominion, agency and possession (the three elemental components that define sovereignty). Then He gave us a command to ‘be fruitful, multiply replenish and subdue’ (see: Genesis 1:28) That is the original foundation of authority under which people form governments; it also provides that the people are responsible to control (subdue) that which they so form. As you begin following the Standard for Review to learn the law and its history, it will not take long before you discover the government formed private corporations under which they operate today. Then, they vacated the original jurisdiction seats of government in favor of those corporate powers. However, the people still have the lawful authority to fill those vacant seats to restore the original jurisdiction government. From its beginning, Team Law has supported the peoples “Reseat America!” movement; to reseat those original jurisdiction seats; and, last year the people finally seated all of the State Governors. However, in this years election it is critical that we maintain all of the State governors in their seats—thus, this is the most important thing that must happen before November 4th, 2014.
    The guy was on a radio show today,and _sounded_good,but Clint Bert Daniel would be better suited to see if what they are doing is something feasable????

    1. I don’t want to speak for Clint, but: The Founding Fathers were Masons, – there is no such thing as “Jurisdictional Government” – Government is Antithetical to True Christianity, and being a Real.. not a FICTIONAL Person! Believing that “Any” Government has the “Right” to Rule is just Another Trap!

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