Radio Show Number 246, October 31, 2014

Clint is Joined tonight by Lark from Texas. The Subject .. Lark’s Specialty “Communitarianism”

ET provided a Book entitled “The Law” .. which profoundly changed Clint’s Life. This Book explains how Law Relates to Us and “Doing No Harm”!

To Download:


2 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 246, October 31, 2014

  1. Hey folks…I didn’t get on with Lark.
    So….here’s your tidbits of future fun.
    Happy City is on it’s way ! Yes the cities where everyone agrees to be HAPPY.
    Small towns across America are being turned communitarian like tater tots utilizing something most of your listeners and Lark may not have heard of….
    It’s called “Soft Power” and if you know what it is you can see it being implemented in your town!
    It’s a communitarian activist tool.
    Irina Bokova Keynote – UNESCO’s Soft Power in a Globalising World – 21 March 2014

    I would suggest looking up UK Column with Brian Gerrish Oct 27 where he mentions HAPPY CITIES being implemented in the UK.They do everthing they do in the UK here eventually.
    Looking at change agent training is boring but if you want to see what they are doing…you have to look.
    Soft Power is this on steroids.

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