Radio Show Number 238, October 21, 2014

Clint’s Guest Tonight, is Jan Irvin from:  and

Jan drops by to discuss his most recent Research into Military Intelligence, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, MKUltra,  The Macy Conferences, The Esalen Institute – all Conspired to destroy Christian, Family and Moral Values in the 1950’s, 1960’s and continuing to Today. The purpose of this Major Mind Control Project was to Produce Us.. (what You See Today).. a Nation of kids who never grow up, never take responsibility, gaze at their navels and wait for Mother Government to Provide for Us!  Mission Accomplished!

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7 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 238, October 21, 2014

  1. It is happening with food as well. Cuisines have been developed all over the world over thousands of years, but now they are being deconstructed and made into the plaything of scientists. They break it down into input, put and convert all needs to chemical constituents and pills (dare I say ‘supplements’ as well). Food, eating, cooking, food gathering and water are so much of who we are. When that is broken – we will be ready for ‘sustainable food units’ distributed by our smirking betters.

  2. What a bore this Irvin guy is. Where McGowan does not claim his research to be conclusive, Irvin is all about Ayn-Randian black-&-white judgments and confusing creating entire movements from scratch (which wouldn’t be worth much without the bait of truth & the beauty of truth in its artistic products) and steering genuine movements into dead-ends after-the-fact by manipulating its weaknesses and keeping it off-balance.

    Aldous Huxley was a “psychopath,” on the same level as mass-murderer Trotsky (lol, yeah right!) because he analyzed how people could be brainwashed and controlled, blah, blah, blah, Terence McKenna too, blah, blah, blah. The entire counter-culture was manufactured, blah, blah, blah.

    Funny how it took a supposed manufactured culture to give us some of the greatest musical albums in history in the period between 1965 and 1976? Was that planned too? Did the CIA want us to experience the benefits of an artistic renaissance? What good lads they must be!

    They both wanted to push LSD and make it illegal at the same time? Huh? Oh yeah, Irvin says you brainwashed peons don’t understand the super-duper conspiracy strategy of pushing two diametrically opposed policies simultaneously, do you? They wanted to make it HARDER for people in the late 1960’s to get LSD just so they could program far less people to think like hippies and throw a few people in prison, yeah, that really makes sense, doesn’t it?

    And by the way, the very first time Leary took LSD was with the Jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson and his wife Flo, later residents of Milbrook. So, was the most technically accomplished trumpeter of all-time a CIA agent too?

    1. You’ve been listening to Vyzygoth way Too Much. If You were up to date on Dave McGowan’s research..This Show. Recorded Sept. 28, 2014 states Dave’s Research! If you listen from the 15:00 Minute Mark to the 20:00 Minute Mark – You’ll hear Dave stating: “As more research comes out.. I’m left with No Doubt that the Intelligence Agencies and the Music Industries are tightly Intertwined” (paraphrase). This is the full Interview that Diana did with Mr. McGowan.. (We don’t edit clips here like Vyzygoth does.. (His interview with Dave McGowan.. sounds like Nat King Cole singing with his Daughter.. it’s so Heavily Edited) To Download: Jan’s Research stands on it’s own, it’s too bad some people still can’t read Citations, and follow the Research. I know it’s great to put Your Rock Stars on a Pedestal.. but they were placed there in a Lie.

  3. Vyzygoth, LOL, that guy distorted and lied about every single detail of my work. He emailed me over the summer, and he uses many names, Al Aric, Vyzygoth, and Keith Hanson and he works at a Catholic University while selling that the Catholics are in control and evil.

    I have all of the emails with that clown. He omitted every single citation that I sent him that didn’t jive with his preconceived disinformation.

    Furthermore, anyone may simply read “Letters of Aldous Huxley” – cited in this interview, which reveals many letters between key MKULTRA researchers and himself, including George Estabrooks, Andrija Puharich, and Louis Jolyon West, just to begin with – where he is RECOMMENDING MKULTRA studies. I further sent this Keith Hanson / Vyzygoth disinfo guy information that showed that Huxley was at the CIA’s Macy Foundation Conferences, which were directly behind MKULTRA. I also gave him about 20 or 30 additional citations, each and every one omitted from his recent “vacation” hit piece – including an interview with General Albert Stubblebine, where Stubblebine admits Huxley’s involvement in the program. All of this was omitted.

    But how cool we think rock albums created by a studio band called “The Wrecking Crew” are, is irrelevant to the facts being presented. We have to learn to ask the right questions and fact check things if we want the truth.

    Furthermore, this guy Vyzygoth tried to claim that McGowan never said the Laurel Canyon scene was associated with the CIA, when I had McGowan on my own show discussing the details of this. Vyzygoth only cited the title and avoided any of the content – as he did with my emails.

    That this person above, Negentropic, only has ” Funny how it took a supposed manufactured culture to give us some of the greatest musical albums in history in the period between 1965 and 1976?” As the foundation of his entire argument.

    First he names calls at me, calling me a Ayn Randian, which is entirely false. I simply study the work of every group and take what’s valid. I teach the trivium which is based on grammar, logic and rhetoric, and we use ONE study series from an associate of hers in the study. Not even her work itself, as if such name calling attacks which avoid the facts were even relevant.

    It’s amusing how people will attack work they’ve never studied due to some false preconception about some UNRELATED material.

    As I quote Tim Leary directly in his statements to congress, it’s quite clear that LSD needed to be outlawed to make it POPULAR. Anyone may read the 1966 congressional hearings where Leary himself requests it’s outlaw while popularizing it.

    “They both wanted to push LSD and make it illegal at the same time? Huh?”

    Here’s what Leary said before congress, just as one example:

    “Senator Dodd. Let me rephrase my question. Don’t you feel that LSD should be put under some control, or restriction as to its use?
    Dr. LEARY. Yes, sir.
    Senator Dodd. As to its sale, its possession, and its use?
    Dr. LEARY. I definitely do. In the first place, I think that the 1965 Drug Control Act, which this committee, I understand, sponsored, is the high water mark in such legislation.
    Dr. Leary. Yes, sir. I agree completely with your bill, the 1965 Drug Control Act. I think this is—
    Senator Dodd. That the Federal Government and the State governments ought to control it?
    Dr. Leary. Exactly. I am in 100 percent agreement with the 1965 drug control bill. ”

    But I fail to see the relevance in ANYTHING that this name caller above states. Maybe he should study the trivium to learn to not use fallacies in his thinking, and confusing a 2000 year old study in the Classical arts as being from Ayn Rand.

    it’s amusing to watch people befuddle themselves of the facts they’ve never studied.

    Never mind that Leary was the key promoter of LSD, while asking for it’s OUTLAW. But the summer of love would NOT have happened if the drug wasn’t outlawed while at the same time being peddled by Leary as spiritual and “mind manifesting” – which was then spun into the government attacking the intellectual freedom of the Youth Culture.

    It would be nice if people like Vyzygoth and their parrots like Negentropic, would actually learn to study and read what someone says before writing ridiculous, out of context straw mans of every single detail, as if they’re utterly incompetent.

    And by the way, the Manunfacturing the Deadhead article wasn’t even about Huxley. But that information was presented in detail in a number of other shows, including with General Stubblebine, and my video Psychedelic Intelligence, where the very beginning of the video discusses the Huxley family’s history in eugenics, et al. All of this was avoided by Vyzygoth and his above parrot.

    As for this irrelevant question, the writer above seems to dance from one irrelevant topic to the next to justify his love of LSD and the CIA:

    “And by the way, the very first time Leary took LSD was with the Jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson and his wife Flo, later residents of Milbrook. So, was the most technically accomplished trumpeter of all-time a CIA agent too?”

    Yes, we know that nearly everyone at Millbrook was CIA and Harvard Social Relations dept. That’s unquestionable.

    What does his ability to play trumpet have to do with anything? The Century Club – a CIA front, specializes in recruiting artists for the agency.

    Never mind the fact that Millbrook was funded by the billionaire Mellon Banking family and was owned by Billy Hitchcock, the Standard Oil and Mellon Banking family heir.

    Congratulations on playing Sax… not sure what that has to do with any other fact presented… Gee, I played Sax with someone…

    Fucking Bill Clinton played sax, and therefore, by your logic, couldn’t have been president. Duh.

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