Radio Show Number 227, October 3, 2014

Tonight Clint explains his Vision for a Community where people will not live a Fiction!

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9 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 227, October 3, 2014

  1. Some things on codes in the…Bible
    Johnathan Wright is a pretty serious dude,he was an atheist and when he heard of Bible coding he wanted to see what’s up with that maybe in spite but it turned out there is quite a bit.He’s not atheist now BTW
    There is a lot on his site,but if you would like an idea of some of the things he has located here is a recent radio interview.
    [audio src="" /]
    Time for the Repent Event in a Tent with food flix and tunes?
    I always say yea!
    Anyway seeing as you like to find hidden meanings in the Bible
    perhaps this might be of some use?
    He sounds pretty serious though.
    Take Care !

  2. This show hit me in the gut… I am a 4th generation farmer that no longer farms. My father has embraced monsanto and has became part of what Lenin called a “tractor station”. My brother and I have left the farm, my father raises crops and replacement animals for the CAFO farms that have consumed the local family farms. I have a huge garden, chickens, ect.

    To back track a bit I am also a 8yr USMC vet (I regret my ignorance) but I used to stand in Okinawa watching the reef that so many died upon. We of course attacked at low tide so our guys had to cross the reef under heavy fire. It had to be just population control. I also did the 50th anniversary landings at Iwo Jima and the Philippines. I came home and became an autodidact the best I could. I would milk cows and listen to podcasts and read everynight… I did it for about 10 yrs.

    I am surrounded by Formaldehyde faces (funny show the other day) and get pretty depressed sometimes. I envision collapse and feeding my neighbors but that just seems impossible now… I do have an awesome Okinawan wife and 3 great daughters, (and 2 german shephards that have probably given us all rabies). So I am not totally alone.

    I do have land available, barns, south facing roofs (solar power?), available, I lack manpower and resources to make it happen.

    Also my wife is going through Kidney failure (go get your vaccines!) So her contribution has dwindled… I am tired. I am tired.

    Thank You for everything you have done for me and my family, I know it sound corny because we are taught to feel that way, However, I love you very much my friend and if and when you need something let me know… If you ever make it this way drop me a line (NY) God Bless and Semper Fidelis, Pete

    1. Hi Pete,
      Give me a shout! ( )
      I’m in NY also! let me tell ya “I am tired. I am tired” also, had to move back here from Fl. due to economy and after many years of beating the hell out of the dead horse..LOL, I have good family here BUT nobody on my frequency except thankfully my daughter who I’ve been able to keep pretty much free from programming from the start.


  3. Thanks for Sharing, Pete. I too have a German Shepherd, who I am forced to vaccinate for Rabies every year, I love the Dog and vice versa,but when she licks me.. I cringe! 🙂 Your life has led you here with US, for that Thanks.

    1. hi Drew, curious who is forcing the vaccinations? It basically boils down to jurisdiction and the registration of your dog to adhere to local commercial codes, unless you also have Ins. or other Community board or lease issues.
      I’v owned/bred dogs over 20 years, currently have 11 yr old + a recent dog bite lawsuit, no vaccines for 10 years, not registered ever and live in NY with heavy “B.S.” laws, like NYC Housing Authority passed a law “no dogs over 30 lbs” which kinda bypasses the “breed specific legislation” for say “pit bulls” and other guard dog breeds over 30, but thats if under their jurisdiction meaning city owned housing.
      Also finding a cool vet helps like a holistic vet, if your dog is sick by law don’t need to be vaccinated so any diagnosis that fits the bill works. Titer testing is another way to avoid more shots if you prove the antbodies are still present which of course they are and present for most of the dogs life.
      Also (it’s tough to locate now they wiped it off the net) but around 2008 the CDC reported “k9 rabies non-existent in US” that was basically the title of the report.
      Heard of “” probably biggest dog training site on the web, owner is 100% against vaccines and doesn’t vaccinate, huge forum there with tons of info , mostly caters to herder breeds.

      1. Thanks, Mike I’ve given the issue much thought. If I could find a Vet who would Doctor the Rabies Certificate for me .. that would be step 1. We take our Dog to Texas from Canada every year.. and without a valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate..She’d be quarantined and given many, many shots. Or We could stay home. 😉

  4. It was interesting that John Steinbeck’s book and the Movie Grapes of Wrath was brought up. As Clint researched in his Genealogy Studies.. Mr. Steinbeck is part of the RHNegative Bloodline. His books led to more Socialism and Collectivism.

  5. The world is like it is because there are magickal papers now called non disclosure agreements that keep everyone on the road to Hell.

    GRAUSA presents: Texas CPS Abuse of Children EXPOSED!

    Do You Believe In Hell? No?
    The CPS people don’t either!
    That’s why they do what they do.
    Those who don’t believe in Hell are in in good company!

    Don’t Judge CPS workers…
    Don’t judge ANYONE !
    You see why people are taught that by the Antichrist people?
    I want to see the Judgement.
    I want that boy restored.
    I want all the suffering caused by everyone with their non disclosure agreement
    tolerance judged.
    None of the accelerated misery could be imposed without people willing to keep their mouths shut because of MAGICK foogin Papers called Non Disclosure agreements.
    Everyone keeps their mouths shut.
    The boys video was banned from YouTube.
    There better be a God,and hell is too good for predators in corporate costumes,and magical pentagram “badges”,or magickal costumes.
    Those who allow it are just as guilty.

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