Radio Show Number 225, October 1, 2014

Clint goes Solo Tonight, with many interesting topics and Callers to the Show.

Including Bob Tuskin, who announced Clint will be speaking at The Free Your Mind Conference next spring in


To Download:


2 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 225, October 1, 2014

  1. Kinda funny to hear you make fun of the jew boy Tuskin for a mispronounced word, yet you make mistakes with words every night. You made a mistake – a glaring mistake in the same show, must minutes after him. I’ll have to review the point it happens and what word it was. haa haa (insert the laugh with same tone you used with “bob” – very childish – and I can’t STAND Bob (fake name) Tuskin – the laziest radio host i have heard in years – so there’s some contrived stuff going on at RBN. But I am a fan – just having some critical fun at your expense.

  2. Clint you hack..go buy a dictionary! LOL!
    Ya man get your broke @ss over to Phillie for the FYM , I’ll definitely make it then, I missed the last one do to lodging funds myself.
    You should get Mark Passio on and do a whole show on the Matrix, it would be a good exchange spiritual esoteric meaning vs total government allegory (which it basically is in every aspect). Watch his Matrix presentation there is one from the 1st FYM.

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