Radio Show Number 219, September 23, 2014

Clint gets back to his Roots tonight, CAFR’s! An Inside look at the CAFR for the California Transit Authority Expenditures.

Laurie from Texas calls in.. with a Nightmare Agenda 21 Scenario!

To Download:


5 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 219, September 23, 2014

  1. I’m not saying that the number isn’t there but still all that they do and move for the price of a mansion in holy-wood. How much does it cost to gas a bus etc — tires for a car are like $300 each. I guess I don’t have 27 mill cause I can’t stretch a dollar like they can.

  2. farmerkart… i distinctly remember it was right around the time of the first bailouts that all of a sudden budgets were calling for billions of dollars instead of the usual millions. I wondered, at the time, how in the hell did everything go from being a few hundred million dollars to a billion. I think the numbers reflect the reality of what they actually spend.

  3. What’s really funny for instance is in certain areas pre-bailout property taxes had exploded 4-500% (I know because I had the tax bills to prove it) yet municipalities were crying poverty and cutting employees left and right.
    All these counties directly influenced the housing bubble through taxes and pension funds which dumped more funding into the system, the market profited from every angle and then was bailed out as a reward for pure greed while the victim public received greater debt. The #1 function of government is profits, protecting itself and hiding its true nature, everything else is a side note at best.
    LOL we have a legal system run by word wizards that bend reality so why would the financial system of government be any different the same wizards created both, insert taxes here and watch the magic show of government accounting.

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