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Radio Show Number 218, September 22, 2014

This “New Improved” Version of the Show, contains the complete “Board Op” Version of the Show, with every comment made by Clint, Deanna, and the Board Op.. (also commentary by John Stadtmiller) – A Behind the Scenes Listen to an RBN Show!

Clint’s Guest Tonight: The Lovely, and Talented Researcher Deanna Spingola.

Deanna has long been a Historian who looks at the Total Picture of WWII, not just the Sanitized German Hating version taught in our Schools.

Tonight, Some Real History, not just the Victor’s Version.

To Download:


6 responses to “Radio Show Number 218, September 22, 2014

  1. pete ⋅

    No download link?

  2. Dont suppose we could have a downloadable link to the short version until the longer one is available?


  3. Sorry, Senior Moment.. I thought I had.

  4. Looks like mami’s shit ( has the full version of this show now

  5. Thank You so Much for posting this!

  6. you might want to listen to the show and see what you think about some of the inside baseball (during the breaks )

    ok fyi

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