Upcoming on Corporate Nation Radio !!!

Guests to appear in the near future:

Dr. Robert Rowen (http://www.docrowen.com/)   Drs. Rowen and Su, a married couple with a single vision of patients actually healing,  have a combined experience of well over 60 years in the field of integrative medicine. They have attended medical meetings worldwide, and have traveled worldwide to share their knowledge and experience, especially in the field of oxidative medicine. The above picture is of a successful single treatment taught in India by the couple to an open-minded hospital staff. Here, a patient (pictured with her orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Su)  experienced total relief in mere seconds from a frozen shoulder..

Dr. Joel Wallach (http://wallachonline.com/)

Who is Dr. Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach has published numerous books on dietary deficiencies and their resultant effects. Dr. Wallach conducts approximately 300 lectures annually to overflowing and enthusiastic audiences and has sold over 40 million cassettes/CD’s which are recordings of the lecture “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.


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