Radio Show Number 204, August 29, 2014

Clint Tonight takes us on a Journey through the Magical Fictional World of Etymology!

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How Your School Diploma, Qualifies You to Take Part in Organized Crime.


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One thought on “Radio Show Number 204, August 29, 2014

  1. LOL Clint you took my explanation of Collage Degrees its a Degree of Indoctrination , education = indoctrination , the higher the degree the better indoctrinated, having a degree lets your employer know how well you have been trained to OBEY.
    Your creating your own cage fortified through degrees then believe your cage is your status and deserve respect for being a high level caged animal unable to function outside your cage.
    At this phase in US Collage is nothing more then a debt system, most quality jobs are few far apart, have you seen statistics on Collage vs inflation there is nothing more inflated over last say 50 years then a collage education. At best Collage is an overpriced social experience resulting in a nice mental cage most spend the rest of their lives trapped in.

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