Radio Show Number 187, July 30, 2014

Regular Wednesday Show with Clint and Daniel from:

Tonight’s Topic: Surety (as in Surname), “The Law of the Land” .. The Law of the Corporation of the United States .. Supersedes any State Law!

Some Definitions:  Tort, Indebtedness, Attorney General, Public, Debtor Names

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One thought on “Radio Show Number 187, July 30, 2014

  1. found this:

    “An honest man is surety for his neighbour; but he that is impudent will forsake him. Forget not the friendship of thy surety, for he hath given his life for thee. A sinner will overthrow the good estate of his surety: And he that is of an unthankful mind will leave him [in danger] that delivered him. Suretiship hath undone many of good estate, and shaken them as a wave of the sea: and he that undertaketh and followeth other men’s business for gain shall fall into suits.”
    – Ecclesiasticus 29:14-19

    – – search “Handbook of the law of suretyship and guaranty (1907)”

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