Radio Show Number 185, July 28, 2014

Clint continues his examination of Prions – and “The Mycoplasma Attack” by Jim Marrs.

Also some important NEWS from a month ago:

How the Magical Weed just might be the Only Defense against Prion Damage.  Also – Curt looks at an  FDA Court Travesty of Rife Machine Technology.


To Download:


One thought on “Radio Show Number 185, July 28, 2014

  1. Dear Clint…you mentioned the lovely Prince Philip about 50 minutes in.
    He had another dream which he whipped up in the 50’s.
    Today it’s called Common Purpose and it is a spurious creepy leadership by recruitment brainwashing cult like Landmark Training .It is the exact opposite of leadership.
    It has taken the UK by storm.
    __CSCLeaders started life as HRH Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences in 1956. Prince Phillip founded the conference for members to look, listen and learn in the hope that the process will help them to improve the quality of their decision-making when they reach the peaks of their occupations.

    In 1956, the conference lasted for three weeks. And in those days some participants had to travel for up to six weeks in order to reach the conference.

    Under its new name CSCLeaders, the programme was revived in 2013 and is now delivered by Common Purpose, running annually for exceptional senior leaders across the Commonwealth.__
    Common Purpose paedophile Jamie Rennie & Common Purpose Sadistic torture with Matthew Byrne

    Brian Gerrish – Common Purpose New World Order Fifth Column

    The UK is run by sickos thanks to Common Purpose.

    In the US we have Common Cause
    Pretty sure Common Core is a product of the good idea of Prince Philip and his nice pals.

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