Radio Show Number 174, July 11, 2014

Lark from Texas fills in for Clint tonight! Guest:  Richard Gage from





To Download:


2 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 174, July 11, 2014

  1. Gage is a gatekeeper. Anyone that is even partly aware of the following facts

    which Gage claims to be aware of, since he has said for the record and on tape that he has seen Simon Shack’s film “September Clues” (last updated in 2008), and still believes there were planes used on 9-11, never mind that he also believes all the victims were real, so many of whom have been proven without a shadow of a doubt to have been simulated identities

    is either an agent or a useful ego/idiot, the result being the same: controlled opposition and spread disinformation. At this point we don’t need any more disinformation and no, no hired witness actors, which have also been proven to have been used, from the infamous “Harley Guy” on down

    discredit any of these hard proven facts of media fakery as Gage claims. Eyewitness testimony is never proof of anything absent hard evidence to back it up. Ten of my friends and I saying you killed someone does not make it so absent the murder weapon and a faked video purporting to back-up what we said. As soon as the video is proved fake, the case is thrown out. In any real court of law still worthy of the name, the 9-11 case would have been thrown out ages ago.

  2. There are so many different theories about what happened that day. Mr. Gage has worked very hard to prove One Thing: The Government’s Official Story doesn’t wash, and the buildings definitely were “Brought Down”! I hardly think that makes him a Gatekeeper or Useful Idiot.. just because He doesn’t subscribe to Your Theories! Please don’t tell me Fetzer sent You! 😉

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