Radio Show Number 166, June 27, 2014

Richard Gage had to Reschedule Tonight.. which led to this amazing show:


Why 911 must be exposed as the Myth that it IS.   Clint shared his experiences of being in Downtown NYC that day, living on 11th Ave.

Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?

Why is it the Programmed Populace can watch CSI 50 times a week and see how incredible crimes are solved in 47 minutes every time, but still believe that 18 men armed with boxcutters, controlled by a man on a dialysis machine with a cell phone.. attacked “The Most Heavily Armed Nation, and Building [The Pentagon] and  with no resistance .. brought America to it’s knees?

On Sept. 10, Donald Rumsfeld announced to Congress that   2.3 Trillion $$ was missing from the Pentagon, and less than 24 hours later a Terroritst Pilot who couldn’t drive a Piper Cub .. performed an amazing Aeronautical Feat.. that only 1 in every 100 Trained Military Pilots could accomplish, and (according to the Official Story) flew  that plane into the very office at the Pentagon – where Forensic Accountants were looking for the  2.3 Trillion $$.. and destroyed the office, the accountants, and every file associated with the crime?

CSI would be ashamed to present that script as it would be too Co-Incidental!


To Download:




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