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Radio Show Number 162, June 23, 2014

Clint goes Solo Tonight, Clint Unveils the DMV Commercial Code Challenge!


Contact the highest authority you can in your State or Province! Film, Record or write down the response you get to this question.

Having a Motor Vehicle License is voluntary, I want to give mine back – How do do that? I still wish to operate a Vehicle, but I no longer want to be stopped by Officers – Enforcing the Commercial Code!


Thank You.



To Download:




5 responses to “Radio Show Number 162, June 23, 2014

  1. Paul ⋅

    Hi Drew. I tried to download this show (162) but the link doesn’t work.

  2. stramineus homo ⋅

    did anyone have any joy finding this show?

  3. It really pisses Me off, but this show fell through the cracks. I guess 1 show missing out of over 500 isn’t bad, but it really makes this archiver joyless!

  4. stramineus homo ⋅

    thanks 4 reply drew… awesome work u have done for us all… i listen & helped me heaps… [kristen] perth, western australia

  5. Listen to the middle part of this weeks show with Patrick, Clint and the Shali Lama! James Corbett, is exposed as such a “willful idiot, or controlled stooge”! Take Your pick, His “Life’s Work” on the FED is such hogwash!

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