Radio Show Number 138, May 08, 2014

Clint’s Regular Thursday Co-Host with Freeman Burt:

Topic tonight, Our only Real Property is our Children!… You will protect your car, or cat or dog.. but if they come with a court order for you children.. Goodbye.

Defining the term, Population.. what we think it means and what the Psychopaths think it means.





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7 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 138, May 08, 2014

  1. To say that all you possess is your body is to say you possess nothing since you do not really possess whatever can be taken away at any time and of course sooner or later your body will indeed be taken away by death.

  2. but while you have a body and soul, you have the jurisdiction over it unless you cede your jurisdiction to lesser mortals

  3. Hey Clint I dont see the May 9 show but you mentioned 911 and I wanted to hear what you had to say about this because after 8 years of studying the video footage, which you can figure out after 10 minutes, that “no planes” were used. Im so sure of this, Id bet my life on it. I was 15 miles from ground 0 in NY. So I lost 2 neighbors. I know many who went down and were first responders. I know a few who witnessed with conflicting reports. I have a friend who on the phone with a tech as they were trying to repatch wires for MCI when the tech on the phone says he just saw a cruise missile hit the tower. Jamie McIntyre first one at Pentagon, says “upon first inspection he saw no discernible plane wreckage”, before they changed the story. The mayor in Shankesville shows up first to the sight with brother in law, and friend and say they saw “no plane” “no bodies” . Same with the FD. The footage of planes going into the towers is patently fake if you watch it very closely. Simon Shack is spot on, but I dont like the guy and think he is still sketch, but Sept Clues is pretty good. Here is my research –

    Mayor of Shankesville PA says “No Plane”
    Flight 93 Rare footage-never seen again – “all there was, was a hole in the ground”

    Jaime McIntyre says “No Plane”
    New Raw 911 Footage From Another Helicopter ‘Back Off’ instructions – where is the plane ?
    9 11 Commissioner slips up, says missile hit Pentagon
    911 CNN Dick Oliver; “some people said they saw a missile”
    NBC 9/11/01 – 2nd Plane Collides WATCH AND LISTEN CAREFULLY
    Dr. Reynolds exposes 9/11 TV fakery on FoxNews
    9/11 Pentagon Attack Eyewitness Mike Walter back peddles “it was like a cruise missile” watch @ 4:17 “crumples like an accordion”
    Nose Out shot
    Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers
    John Lear’s Affidavit
    John Lear and holographic generator

  4. Andre, Drew here .. the Archiver. I’m searching everywhere for a copy of last night’s show. I wasn’t able to record it last night, and the Republic Broadcast Archive.. has yet to post “any” show from May 1.. on. It’ll be up as soon as it becomes available.. I’m looking forward to it as well. Thanks for all your links.

  5. After talking with Republic Broadcasting this morning.. they are aware of “technical issues” with the Audio Archives.. the files for the month of May will be up .. “eventually” have patience.. the Show will be here! Drew

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