Radio Show Number 114, April 04, 2014

Clint gives a course in Law 101 tonight!



To Dowload:




2 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 114, April 04, 2014

  1. Great show. I explained to an ex NYC cop what “serve and protect” means last night at a board meeting. They werent impressed. I also get them unhinged with my observations on property taxes “Im not finding the law that makes me liable for paying the communist property tax” I started to piss off an older board member who wants his pension.
    When someone says “you talk too much”, its a form of hexing thru negative criticism. Its a form of witch craft Jews use on people.I learned this in “Think and Grow Rich” I tell them to STFU and beat them down with poetry to break the hex. Or ignore it. What happens is most people will not realize what happened and will carry around a negative cloud all day long because of this hex. Its a form of cognitive dissonance. Got their email ? 🙂
    So keep talking.

  2. I know you are not updating here but I gotta tell you, Lark was spot on and Brilliant. I couldn’t have said it any better.

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