Radio Show Number 6, October 21, 2013

During tonight’s show Clint takes calls to comment on the show so far, and where callers would like the show to go

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One thought on “Radio Show Number 6, October 21, 2013

  1. Dear Clint. I have listened to your shows at least twice (yes, I am a loon!) and those of other alternative bloggers. I have always held aloof and taken everything in. I have allowed all the pieces to simply float around in my head hoping my mind will put them into some order and query the bits that fit ‘but don’t seem to fit’. I often go back to earlier podcasts because of more recent information. If I may, can I raise a hypothesis? The point you made in this show about the ‘bible’ being the container for the natural law of the universe and the ‘natural law’ of man (neutral emphasis) was like flash of light. What if every ‘bible’ (Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu) is the same? The container of the natural law of the universe and of man. Now assume that what is in these books has multiple layers of meaning. One for the initiates (the few who control the majority) and one (a mass of details) for the majority to spend their time talking and musing endlessly over? What if the protagonists of all these books were real people, but whose lives, actions and messages were created or co-opted and made fantastical so that they become objects of reverence? The original laws would be perpetuated and the people would be controlled at the same time. It matters not any of the details of the stories – they in all likelihood are of no consequence beyond their ‘revelation’ of fundamental laws of nature and man. Hence their importance to the religious institutions and so-called secret societies. The latter may be sent as guardians from former to stop people from ever finding out too much or at least sealing them in a vault they can’t get out of.

    Given the above, it seems that any further research must be to the fundamentals. The ‘new age’ seems to be mothballing all the old religions (and their books) and creating a religion for the next ‘age’ that will encapsulate all of the natural laws of the universe in a new container – or a set of ‘laws’ that will become a religion. One that will be for ‘all’? With the power these people have now, they can monitor everyone, real time and they do not need factions and Hegelian dialectics. They can then carry out their goals of harnessing nature to the ultimate. End game. What I can see though, is these guys know that there are formulas for obtaining changes in man and cultures that must be adhered to (see Alan Watt) and these will be followed to get this new age in. So it will not be an instantaneous thing. It cannot be by coercion – it must always be via consent if people are to perpetuate the system. So the circumstances must be engineered over generations. I guess that will involve the redesign of man or his elimination and the harnessing of nature’s laws (for whatever reason they may have in mind) and a multitude of iterations before they have their ‘new world’.



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