Clint shows up for Red Pill Sunday School Pt. 2, with Jan Irvin… September 19th, 2017



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Flat Earth .. a pancake of insanity.

Clint is back!

Great article which exposes how far off the sanity map the flat earther’s have gone.

I have always found the flat earther’s to be such derivative nonsense.

How best to deflect “awakening” minds  search for “truthiness”?    “THEY” will claim:  “This is the biggest Lie”, which demeans any other questioning of the official narrative!

It’s proponents spout some nonsense about having a very special expensive camera – which proves “flat earth”!  Logic can’t argue with these “pseudo scientists”!   There is zero reference point, and therefore .. logic is pointless.

The ultimate “tie them up in nonsense” opportunity.






Clint hosts Cold Reality Radio .. August 27, 2017

Clint discusses his book, and many ‘purgative media” myths,  including the “Fed”!      (If You are a James Corbett fan, this show might cause You to explode)

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Wow amazing bumper stickers are here in Canada.

Thanks so much Timothy, in this week’s mail I find a bumper sticker from You .. amazing quality, thanks again Timothy. 

People accuse Me of causing accidents, because My car is covered in bumper stickers, and people slow down to read them all. 

They will have another beautiful sticker to slow down for now. 

This archive has some amazing people, thanks Timothy. 


Great Bumper Stickers made by Timothy.

One of the archive members Timothy, who has been a big help around here – had these stickers made up. Currently He has 25 made up, if You’d like one for Your car, tractor, boat, hog .. whatever let Me know with a mailing address and I’ll forward the info. 

Thanks so much to Timothy, Code and so many others who make running these archives easier. 

Clint’s magnificent opus is now “out there”, We just have to be our own advertising agency and see that the work is “appreciated”! 



All 478 shows (actually 477) + database now available as a torrent!

You can now download every single show that Clint did on RBN in one single file!   Be patient – it’s a whopping 13.7 gigs of “Clint”

If You have torrent software installed on Your computer this is the magnet link: 


Thanks especially to Code for his help in this project!