Clint appears on The Graham Hart Radio show – July 02, 2018


Clint joins Graham and Bryzer do discuss Vaccines, and how each subsequent generation has been hopped up on some drugs … over and over.


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Clint & Patrick on “Before the First Cup” with Jules – June 06, 2018–i5c4

Jules is shutting down after many successful years!  “Phages and their role in the apocalypse”

Courtesy of Jules, her show notes:

Before the First Cup, guests Clint Richardson & Patrick Jordan – Reinventing Nature 6-6-2018
Before the First Cup – Viruses, Parasites, Pandemics, Vectors, Co-Evolution & DNA Trap 6-4-18 –

FDA Approves Use of Bacteriophages to be Added to Meat and Poultry Products –

Bacteriophages Reduce Experimental Contamination of Hard Surfaces, Tomato, Spinach, Broccoli, and Ground Beef by E. coli O157:H7▿ –

Phage Particles as Vaccine Delivery Vehicles: Concepts, Applications and Prospects –

Is modern genetics the new eugenics? –

Historical Vaccine Safety Concerns –

Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves –

George Church, CRISPR Pioneer, Embraces Alternative Tech In Project To Recode A Human Genome –

Scientists Kick Off Synthetic Biology Project to Make Virus-Resistant Super Cells –

Phage therapy: An alternative to antibiotics in the age of multi-drug resistance –

Timeline; A Brief History of Hell
By Patrick Jordan –

Evolutionary relationship between plasmids and phages –

Phages in nature –

Self-assembly of tobacco mosaic virus: the role of an intermediate aggregate in generating both specificity and speed –

‘Nanobot’ viruses tag and round up bacteria in food and water –

Trump signs ‘right-to-try’ allowing gravely ill patients to bypass FDA for experimental medicines –


Bacteriophages are more virulent to bacteria with human cells than they are in bacterial culture; insights from HT-29 cells –

Selection of Genetically Modified Bacteriophages Using the CRISPR-Cas System –

Transhumanism: Biotechnology and its Role in the Singularity –

Futurist Ray Kurzweil wants to use tiny robots in our bloodstream to fight disease and live forever –

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute Develop DNA Nanorobot to Trigger Targeted Therapeutic Responses –

MTHFR gene and vaccines –

Bacillus Probiotics: Spore Germination in the Gastrointestinal Tract –

Characterization of Bacillus Probiotics Available for Human Use –

How Safe Are the Probiotics You’re Taking? –

Bacillus –

What Do You Need to Know for Your Safety with Bacillus? –

Reprogramming gut bacteria as “living therapeutics” –

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The “final” Red Pill Sunday School Broacast.



“For clarification, the Theosophic initiation process I speak about in this show requires that the common people first be sucked into sophistry, which is the “flat earth” or Zetetic science method, before they can be initiated into Theosophy as a lifestyle/religion. We must be dumbed down to the flat earth perspective (dialectic/logic) in order to be falsely enlightened by god-like (Theosophic) perspectives. Both perspectives are false, unscientific, arrogant, and outside of any proofs. To initiate us into Theosophy, they must first confuse us with sophistry (fallacious reasoning) through Zetetic “observational only” science. Thus perspective goes from the scientific method (I don’t know) to flat earth (I do know because I see) to Theosophic (I know because I believe I have the perspective only “God” can have). This is the initiation process for we, the goyim. Hope this helps. -Clint- “

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Red Pill Sunday School – Episode #20, February 11, 2018



Daniel joins Clint in this next to the penultimate broadcast of the program!


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